Blenheim leather stropping block 250 mm

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Leather stropping block • 250 mm

Ideal for finishing your knives during the process of maintaing sharp knives. This is the final phase of the process, which we recommend after minimally a #6000 polishing stone.

Ideaal voor het stroppen van je mes. Eventueel te combineren met een polijst pasta. Dit is echt een laatste fase van het scherpte behoud. Advies deze te gebruiken na minimaal een #6000 korrel.


Elwin de Veld about Blenheim knives:

The train to London is taken easily. Boarding in The Hague is practically at my doorstep and you will be arriving city center of London within half a day. Blenheim Forge is on the outskirts of London in Peckham Grove. Hidden under the pillars of the train arches you'll enter the workshop through a small door. First there are two large grinding machines (Kaiten toshis) in front of the entrance, where you actually swing in between. The workshop is simple, cold (or warm .. depends on which season you visit) and smells like steel dust. To me it feels like being in my own workshop. The boys from Blenheim, Jo, James & Rich are self-taught. Trial and error, has led to where they are today: perfect craftsmanship, fine tuning the process with an eye for detail and this all resulting in beautiful knives.

"A good knife will, indeed, transform the way you cook.

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