Inox Japanese olive/ebony custom yanagiba 270 mm 04304

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Yanagiba • 270 mm • Aus 8 Inox • Custom olive & ebony wood  octave handle with stainless fillers • for right-handed use


Takayuki Yanagiba blade with custom olivewood handle:

This one-of-a-kind yanagiba is hand forged from Aus 8 steel. Traditional yanagiba for delicate cutting of mostly raw fish. The classic octave handle provides control and gives the knife an extinguish look.


Elwin de Veld about Sakai Takayuki's knives:

Our trip to Japan used to always start in Osaka, from where we directly take the Shinkansen (bullet train) to Seki, located in Gifu prefecture. For some time now our journey starts in Sakai, which is the southern area of Osaka, where we always receive a warm welcome from Aoki san and Ogawa san, from Sakai Takayuki. In recent years, the demand for special Japanese traditional knives has increased in our store: Yanagibas, Sakimuras or Kengatas: all names of models that are used in Japanese cuisine, often for the various preparations of fish.

Sakai Takayuki is my key , which opens the door to the world of traditional Japanese knives, and in addition to this, a huge range of Japanese chef's knives, specifically designed for the Western market. For the Japanese traditional knives, Sakai Takayuki has Japan's best master blasesmiths working for them; Itsuo Doi and Kenji Togashi. Master sharpener Yamatsuke san, with his steady hand on the Kaiten Toshi (Japanese water stone machine), guarantees a superior finish of absolute sharpness and sharpness retention. Sakai Takayuki purchases a lot of its steel from Aichi steel factory (head office close to Nagoya) and works with, among other things, the carbon steel Shirogami White and Aogami Blue steel. Nice detail: the colours in these names have nothing to do with the colour of steel, but erefer to the colour of the packaging of the raw steel in the factory. The western models are manually finished (grinding) in house in Osaka, but largely manufactured in Seki in Gifu prefecture. VG10 steel and steel alloys with chrome molybdenum are the main focus here. Seki uses small sub-contractors (suppliers) who make the semi-finished product. The finishing and quality controls are done in Sakai. The finish and quality is, as one can always expect from Takayuki, sublime.

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