NENOHI double edged Japanese kiritsuke 1.8 mm thick 270 mm octagonal ebony handle

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Kiritsuke thin 1.8 mm • 270 mm • High carbon special steel • ebony octagonal hanlde • for left and right handed use


Features Nenohi Japanese series:

Western style knives with traditional Japanese style handles were originally created with the sushi chef in mind. Nenohi applies the skills and techniques of traditional Japanese knife crafting to Japanese style knives, with great attention to detail in each step of the production process. Nenohi knives are made with a confidential blend of high carbon stain resistant steel, which undergoes a sub-zero manufacturing process to ensure a durable edge. Nenohi wa-style knives have gained much popularity for their user friendliness.

Elwin de Veld about Nenohi:

The Nenohi brand was founded in 1993 in Japan, basically because there was a high demand for western style stainless knives. At that time many chefs from Tokyo used the robust stainless knives of European brokerage, but often complained about the enormous difference in sharpness and sharpness retention compared to the Japanese carbon steel.

After many years of design, shape testing and testing of steel alloys, Nenohi launches its first western style knives under the name Nenox Premium.

Nenox adheres to the philosophy of continuous improvement of quality, innovation, attention to detail and the use of top quality materials. Nenohi belongs to the absolute top of professional knives and is highly appreciated among the elite of chefs from Tokyo and now also the United States.

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