Ohta FK5 Zakmes Small Carbon

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Pocket knife • 55mm • D2 • classic carbon handle • for left and right handed use • with leather cover • higonokami

Ohta's FK series is a perfect example of Japanese craftsmanship. Both the blade and the hook are forged from D2 steel. The cutting surface is short, strong and razor-sharp. The handle is made of "carbon" and the matt blade is sharpened on both sides. The knife comes with a leather case.

This knife is ideal to carry with you in a large kitchen. For chefs it is always handy to have a knife at hand: open something in a refrigerator, open boxes or use it as a knife for the herb garden.

The blade is lightweight and the semi stainless steel guarantees sharpness for a long period of time.

Elwin de Veld about OHTA:
Hiroaki Ohta is a passionate artisan whose workshop is located in Tokyo. Hiroaki san has taught herself the trade and has been making knives since 1998.

The designs are very reminiscent of the well-known traditional knife shape of Higonokami knives.

A Higonokami is a Japanese pocket knife model that has been produced since 1896 and stems from the Samurai legacy. When the Samurai were relieved of their duties, the swordsmiths began to make Higonokami knives, among other things. The shape of the blade is reminiscent of the model of the Samurai's katana.

Higonokami "Higo no Kami" means "lord of Higo" in Japanese. An honorary title for Samurai from the Higo region in Japan and also the place where the knives come from.

Besides the Higonokami models, Ohta also makes models with fixed blades. By using beautiful, special and unique types of wood, each knife has its own identity.

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