ROOIJ SG2 Petty 150mm KG2-P15VB

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Petty • 150 mm • matte stainless san mai • SG2 • Micarta Blue with a white filler • WA octagonal handle • for right- and lefthand us

Features ROOIJ SG2 series:

Completely handmade, finished and sharpened by mr. Tsukahara. A core of SG2 steainless steel with two outer layers of a softer stainless steel.

The blade is finished on the Kaiten Toshi ( water wheel ) by hand. This ensures a thinness, which is hard to achieve by machine. This thin blade will provide a smooth silky cutting experience. This combined with a razor sharp edge, this knife will out perform many other knives. The refined matte finish is called migaki finish, sober, but instead of screaming "bling bling", this knife will do it's talking while it is cutting: immaculate.  The matte finish is distinguised and called migaki finish in Japanese. Sober in design, but immaculate in performance. The choil is rounded and will ensure a lot of control while cutting, especially when the pinch grip is used.

The micarta handle has a white filler and is comfortable. Micarta is made out of cotton and epoxy, glued under high pressure. This material is tough, non slipping and endurable. Blue is also the national colour of Japan. SG2 powder steel has a uniform hardness of 63 Hrc and is stainless in normal use. This steel, made by Takefu steel factory, is known for it's hardness and can be sharpened like a razor. The edge retention is as expected , extremely good.

Elwin de Veld about ROOIJ knives:

A Rangelrooij knife has to have it's own identity. Now in 2019, I am a knife sharpener for 25 years, I have sharpened many knives. I think as a knife sharpener, I have held many models and brands in my hands. A knife from Rangelrooij has to have it's own identity. Now, speaking in 2019, day in day out  knives went through my hands, probably I have seen a big part of all chef knives. No, a ROOIJ knife  is not a new invention of a knife, it's a process of experience, listening to the end user and negotiate with the knife maker. Our highly skilled knifemakers in Japan are doing an awesome job. We are so proud at this collaboration.  All our knowledge, experience and passion come together in our ROOIJ knives. Arigato gozaimasu.

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