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  • RYUSEN Fukakuryu Maple WA Sujihiki 270mm FK-306
  • RYUSEN Fukakuryu Maple WA Sujihiki 270mm FK-306

RYUSEN Fukakuryu Maple WA Sujihiki 270mm FK-306

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The rating of this product is 5 out of 5

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Sujihiki • 270 mm • re designed wa octagonal handle • ATS314 core • maple • for both right and left handed use • lightweighted and very thin cutting edge

Features of the Fukakuryu series

These Fukakuryu series are made out of 62 layers of stainless steel on the outside, with a ATS 314 core. The blade is constructed very thinly, which results in a lightweighted knife. The re-designed Japanese handle is made from maple wood and is designed with a comfortable thick spot around the bolster. This creates more feeling with the knife during cutting. The flat spots on both sides of the handle will ensure control and make it easy to cut in the right direction. This very thin and sharp blade is designed for refined and precise cutting.

The Damascus blade has a beautiful matte finish. This is created by dipping the blade in an etch flued after forging, due to this process the contrasts of layers in the steel become more visible. Thanks to the light weighted Japanese handle the balance of the knife lies exactly in the middle. This ensures cutting comfort during usage. 

Elwin de Veld about Ryusen knives

When I started sharpening knives, I sometimes got hold of a very special model, probably imported by a customer themselves. A Ryusen knife was one of them. To precisely measure the quality of steel, there is no better measure than the actual manual sharpening of a knife: Ryusen belongs to the absolute top in the world of handmade Japanese kitchen knives.

Until some time ago, Ryusen made various models on OEM base in Echizen, but recently they focus entirely on their own company. Ryusen has spent a lot of time researching in the field of manufacturing (forging, hardening, grinding and finishing), as well as receiving feedback from the professional end user. Their dedication, perseverance and only settling for the very best ensure that every knife is perfectly finished and meets the highest requirements of a completely handmade chef's knife. The complete process from forging to the design of the box is carried out by Ryusen in-house. I am very proud to be an importer and a reliable distributor for Ryusen.

The rating of this product is 5 out of 5

hendrawanto |

It was my first visit to Rangelrooij today. What a beautiful shop! Very broad selection of amazing knives. Nice, friendly, helpful and humble people. I almost felt I was (back) in Japan, walking into a knife shop on Kappabashi street in Tokyo (where I bought my first Japanese knife 7 years ago). I could sense the love, respect and appreciation for Japanese knives and their makers. Which made me feel right at home.
I was specifically looking for a Sujihiki knife, so I resisted the pull of all the other knives around me. They showed me several Sujihiki's that would have all made the cut if I didn't want to choose just one. Every Japanese knife has its own story, their own history and the legacy of their makers. There's no doubt that all these knives are pieces of Art, made by very skilled artists and obviously more than ample for my humble knife skills. So yeah, how did I make the choice?
It came down to intuition, to the feeling that each knife gave me, whatever caught my eyes the most.
This Ryusen Fukakuryu spoke to me the loudest, mostly because of the special attention to the details in the shape of the handle. I had to get used to it a little bit at first, but after holding it for a few times it quickly felt natural in my hand. Very natural actually. We've made the bond so to speak.
The blade is obviously well made, very beautiful, super thin for a Sujihiki and so sharp that I feel like I'll cut myself just by looking at it. And I definitely will be looking at it, every day. And that will be soothing to me!

Elwin de Veld also gave me an Asahi cutting board to try out at home for a few weeks, which I think was a very nice gesture. I'm very interested in either an Asahi or Hasegawa cutting board. Heard nothing but good words about both of them, but they are hard to find in the Netherlands. Let alone getting the chance to work with one of them before purchase. I can't wait to test that cutting board with my knew Sujihiki tomorrow! And I'm 'afraid' that when I return the Asahi cutting board together with my feedback in a few weeks, it won't be the last time I'll visit the Rangelrooij shop.

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