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Knife roll • 4 items • Leather congac


Features 4 items knife roll by Wunschleder: 

In collaboration with Wunschleder we designed this small knife roll. It is designed to carry 4 items. The ideal thing about this knife roll, is that it is easy to carry or store, why? Size depends on the biggest blade you carry in your knife selection. This way it fits in your backpack for example. The canvas is easy to clean at a very low temperature in the washing machine.

Wunschleder x Rangelrooij 

Wunschleder stands for functional leather products which are made out of high quality leather and are designed practically. When they asked me to help with their new knife roll collection, I agreed directly. Our knives deserve a good storage. High quality canvas and leather is used in all items in our collection.

If you have a request about a certain size or model to adjust, feel free to contact us.

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