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Engrave your knife!

It is possible, to have the knife you just purchased, engraved directly.

Personalize your knife by engraving your initials: It looks great and you can easily recognize your own knife. Or, of course, a full name or a full sentence is also possible.


Our engraving machine is provided with a basic/classic letter. There are 5 standard options for engraving you can choose from:

Option 1 - Initials in the bolster

Option 2 - Initials in the blade

Option 3 - A full name in the blade

Option 4 - A full sentence in the blade (maximum 30 letters)

Option 5 - A full sentence in the blade (more than 30 letters)

We do not recommend engraving a full name or phrase in multiple layers of damascus steel or a Fluorine coating, the appearance of the layers will be affected and loses its authenticity.

When completing your order, please indicate in the section "comments" which initials we can engrave and in which knife! You can also indicate on which side we can engrave: logo side or non-logo side. We do not engrave on wood and it iwould be needless to say, after engraving the knife, it can't be returned.