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Bleinheim Forge knives

"Superb chef knives and handmade in Peckham". The moment you enter the workshop at Blenheim, you don't expect high-quality handmade chef's knives made of Japanese steel. Let's just say, not the most tidy workshop, but apparently the boys from Blenheim know where to find everything flawlessly. And the quality comes from this workshop!! Remember, Jon, James & Rich have never been educated in knife making, visited Japan for the first time 2 years ago and never made a single knife in their life, before they started Blenheim knives.

With trial and error, these boys surged for perfection and perfection is the only starting point if you want to make an excellent knife. All knives are completely handmade and finished in Peckham Grove, under the supervision of these gentlemen, who have made knives an art. Simplicity and soberness are keywords to these beautiful knives from London, adored by many top chefs.