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Rangelrooij for The Jane

During my working stages in Japan, I have had the privilege to meet many talented sub- contractors, who besides working for different knife brands, also are excellent knife makers themselves. Mr. Fiji, located with his workshop in Osaka and who has a team of young craftmen supporting him, is one of them. Mr. Fiji is one of the bladesmiths who I put on a pedestral and is the foundation of our ROOIJ knives.

When Nick Bril, head chef and owner of The Jane ** in Antwerp, asked me to design a set of high-end Japanese kitchen knives for him, I knew exactly where to start. The blade, 3 layers of steel with a core of the well known Japanese AUS 10 steel, is completely handforged in Japan by Mr. Fiji and then shipped to The Hague. After the handles and blades have arrived, our process of contructing a high-end kitchen knife begins.

First we sharpen the blade on the Kaiten Toshi, which is known as the Japanese water ginding wheel. Here we sharpen the blade to it's ideal geometry: thin and ad finished with an edge that can be discribed as a    ' hamugariba edge '. This edge will ensure the right profile for excellent food release and effortless cutting.

Next step is polishing the blade, providing a super smooth surface, creating less resistance and a perfect finish. We use a glass blaster to create a high contrast between the AUS 10 core and the stainless outer layers.

Final step is adding the handle and creating a razor sharp edge, which is durable and refined.

Proud to present to you the RANGELROOIJ for THE JANE knife set. Three knives that will form the basic needs of every passionated cook: gyuto, bunka and petty.

Proud, humble and immensely enthousiastic to be part of this project.