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Baba Hamono knives

The Baba family has been making knives since 1916 and is now run by Baba Shozou and his son Takeshi. Baba Cutlery Works makes knives by empathizing with the user and continuously improving the process from this point of view. In 2017, Baba completely renovated his workshop. Unfortunately, there is also a great shortage of craftsmen in Sakai and thanks to this reopening, there is also room to train young craftsmen. Baba Hamono sticks to the Japanese term Monozukuri. This means that during the entire production process, everything has to go harmoniously with nature, people and production.

Forging a knife is a profession, sharpening a knife is also a profession. Baba has mastered the field of sharpening. A spectacular and rare way of a double-sided sharpened knife, with a shinogi on both sides. A thin cutting surface ensures extreme cutting ease. Sharpening a razor-sharp shinogi line on both sides of the blade requires a high degree of craftsmanship. The craftsmen of Baba have been awarded the dentou-kougeishi, master of the traditional craft, a high award for their competence in their craft.

Elwin de Veld about Baba Cutlery Works

Baba Hamono had been on my list of places to visit for a long time. When Baba contacted me to do business I knew I had to jump in right away. There are some very important sharpeners in Sakai and Baba Hamono is one of the top 3. It is an honor to do business with these unique knife makers, who bring tradition and modern craftsmanship together in a unique way.