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For restaurants

How does it work?

- We will send you a box containing 1 or two knife bags (filled with 8 sharp knives you can use, while we take care of your knives), including a PostNL shipping label.

- Remove the knife bag and put in your own knives.

- Close the box with the tie wraps and attach the shipping label on the front of the box.

- Drop this box at a PostNL parcel collect shop, preferrably within 2 working days.

As soon as we receive your knives, we start immediately and return them within 1 to 2 working days.

You can return the box with the borrowed knifebag exactly the same way.

To request the box send an email to [email protected].


- Shipping costs are shared from 15 knives.

- Shipping costs are entirely at your own expense with less than 15 knives.

- Shipping label is only valid for 3 working days, therefore return the box in time.

- For outside the Netherlands, please contact us!