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Okeya knives

Elwin de Veld about Okeya

The knife maker Okeya makes his knives in the town of Miki. Okeya-san's grandfather started producing what is called "kogatana" in Japanese. Kogatanas are small, handy knives for multifunctional use. (Fun fact: the original Higonokami knives are also from Miki)

Okeya-san also making chef's knives nowadays. He is in his mid-40s and his son has just joined the company. Their goal is to expand more and more, which is why they plan to add more kitchen knives such as gyutos, santoku's and nakiris.

They are roll-forged out then hammered a bit before heat treatment to give them their distinct look. The fujiwara family specializes in what is called Ko-gatana knives (small single bevel knives), so they would forge small knives like small ko deba or kaisaki knives. The Father still does those types of knives, but Akihoto Fujiwara (the son) made his own factory next door and started grinding and sharpening double bevel knives.