RYUSEN HOUENRYU Gyuto 210 mm HE-202

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Gyuto • 210 mm • Korian • 70 layers Coreless VG10/VG2 with precious finish • Japanese O handle pin • for left- and righthanded use

The Houenryu is the absolute high end series from Ryusen. Finished immaculate in every detail and constucted by combining modern technique with craftmanship. This Houenryu is not comparible to any other knife you have seen before.

Coreless lemmet

This rain drop damascus pattern clearly indicates the level of experience of the knifemaker. 70 layers damascus steel, constructed out of VG2 and VG10, also known as honyaki VG2\VG10. Normally a layered steel is constructed out of an oneven amount of layers, where the core steel indicates quality of the knife. Here, VG2 and VG10 are forged throughout the whole blade and will get dull differently on the cutting ege. This way the knife will maintain it's 'bite sharpness" for a long period.

Option: Precious finish

By polishing the blade for a longer period, the layered steel will get more depth and will intensify the cutting edge and will intensely enhance sharpness for an even longer period.

Urushi laquering is a technique done by a few selected craftsman in the region of Echizen. The Urushi tree, which grows in this region, donates a few centiliters of epoxy/ laquer a year. By warming up the laquear and colouring it, it can be used for painitng or as it says, laquering. The laquering has to be done in a protected environment, as the urushi laquer can give an allergic reaction. The best painting quality can be reached by using soft baby hair on the brush. Echizen is famous for this craft and Ryusen uses this craft with much respect in their handles.

Elwin de Veld about RYUSEN knives:

When I started sharpening knives, I sometimes got hold of a very special model, probably imported by a customer themselves. A Ryusen knife was one of them. To precisely measure the quality of steel, there is no better measure than the actual manual sharpening of a knife: Ryusen belongs to the absolute top in the world of handmade Japanese kitchen knives.

Until some time ago, Ryusen made various models on OEM base in Echizen, but recently they focus entirely on their own company. Ryusen has spent a lot of time researching in the field of manufacturing (forging, hardening, grinding and finishing), as well as receiving feedback from the professional end user. Their dedication, perseverance and only settling for the very best ensure that every knife is perfectly finished and meets the highest requirements of a completely handmade chef's knife. The complete process from forging to the design of the box is carried out by Ryusen in-house. I am very proud to be an importer and a reliable distributor for Ryusen.


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