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  • RYUSEN Souryurin Gyuto 210 mm SR-102
  • RYUSEN Souryurin Gyuto 210 mm SR-102
  • RYUSEN Souryurin Gyuto 210 mm SR-102

RYUSEN Souryurin Gyuto 210 mm SR-102

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Gyuto • 210 mm • VG10W core • 67 layers • specially shaped polyurethane resin handle • for both left and right handed use

Features of the Souryurin series

This series from Ryusen has a core of VG10W steel with 33 layers of stainless steel on each outer side, making a total of 67 layers. The blade is thin, with a medium/light weight. The "new" re-born handle is made of polyurethane resin: a fast-curing resin and falls under the synthetic resins, just like epoxy. The handle feels comfortable and is water resistant, thanks to the slightly heavier "endcap" the knife is nicely balanced. The hammered steel is finished with a beautiful mirror finish, which is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also provides less resistance during cutting. The combination of handle, weight, balance and the extremely thin and sharp cutting surface provide enormous comfort during cutting. In practice, the VG10W performs almost the same as VG10, but by adding tungsten (w) to the VG10 steel, the toughness and hardness of the steel is increased after the forging and hardening process. VG10W can therefore be called an improved version of the traditional VG10. We put our hands in the fire that our knife makers only use VG10 steel, which actually comes from Japan. It is expected from the large commercial companies that the steel also comes from China nowadays, this cannot be otherwise with such numbers. Takefu Steel Factory from Japan is the only one to supply the VG10W steel, which immediately resolved this doubtful case. 

The name Souryurin

The "Azure Dragon of the Sea" is one of the four Gods of Eastern astrology, who are the powers/guardians of the four elements. The four animals consist of the Phoenix, the White Tiger, the Genbu and the Dragon. The four animals in their chronological order are associated with four elements of fire, metal, water and wood. The name of this dragon is generally translated into Japanese as Seiryu (Blue Dragon) and thus has power over the element of wood.

Elwin de Veld about Ryusen

When I started sharpening knives, I sometimes got my hands on a special model. A knife from Ryusen was one of them. To measure the quality of steel exactly, there is no better indicator than the actual manual sharpening of a knife: Ryusen belongs to the absolute top in the world of chef's knives.

Until some time ago, Ryusen made several models for the guild in Echizen, but recently they have completely focused on their own business. Ryusen has spent a lot of time researching in the field of fabrication (forging, hardening, grinding and finishing), but also received feedback from the professional end user. Their dedication, perseverance and only settling for the very best, ensure that every knife is perfectly finished and meets the highest requirements of a completely handmade chef's knife. The complete process from forging to the design of the box is carried out in-house by Ryusen. I am very proud to be an importer of Ryusen.

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